Semantic field producer
business trend analyst

Responsible for shaping a general worldview according to which, the media streams he controls will be created. This specialist controls content selectors that generate information streams for users within a given worldview, and performs high-level tuning of media robots.

Igor Szucs is a highly qualified business trend analyst, trend-futurologist,
researcher of information flows and a semantic fieldproducer, trend fashion expert.
Igor Szucs
Igor Szucs ranks among the top hundred most competent and reputable creators of emotional information content, including viral one. The Business Trend Analyst is an agent of change, businessman and writer. The author of several literary, educational and scientific works, among them a monograph on automation of technological processes and production.
The main activity fields of the speaker include:
– organizing information campaigns;
– shaping the landscape of the information field, generating semantic levels,
– managing information channels,
– creating and distributing viral content,
– working with the audience's outlook using linguistic methods,
– auditing and establishing an informational image, reputation management,
– generating and introducing new behavior patterns through emotional incentives,
– business technologies,
– social activities.
Igor Szucs is ready to give his comments and to take part as an invited expert in the events focusing on the following issues:
– developing computer-assisted control systems,
– organizing information campaigns,
– foresighting and trend watching,
– developing and introducing media programmes,
– researching, generating and posting content,
– analytics in the field of information and information business technologies,
– producing a semantic field,
– consulting on the issues of security enforcement, reputation management,
– designing emotions and controlling information channels of perception.
Tailor business experiences by harnessing data and drawing valuable and actionable insights to make better, more informed decisions.
Increase business productivity by creating a work environment that's intelligent, flexible, and secure.
Accelerate the responsiveness of your business, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent processes.
Differentiate and capture emerging opportunities by using data as a strategic asset and shifting from hindsight to foresight.
My clients trust me due to our ability to cut through complexity and minimise risk.
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Igor Szucs
Business trend analyst, Semantic field producer
An internationally respected expert on future trends, long-range planning and creating the preferred future, Igor Szucs has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations and has served as a strategic advisor for innovation projects and programs.
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Igor Szucs

Tartu mnt 43, Tallinn 10128, Estonia
Business Analyst